This “series” of monthly podcasts will feature new information and emerging topics that are published as our Editor’s Choice article in the journal. The Podcasts will be hosted by one of the Journal’s editors and include a conversation with the author of the Editor’s choice article along with the author of the featured commentary/editorial that accompanies the lead article.

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Featured Video

Gynecologic Oncology Podcast on the Future of the Gyn Onc Subspecialty

In this new, Special Edition of the Gynecologic Oncology video podcast, The Future of Gynecologic Oncology: We are at a Crossroads, David E. Cohn, MD, MBA, President of the SGO and Deputy Editor of Gynecologic Oncology, and Warner K. Huh, MD, Immediate Past-President of the SGO, engage in a lively discussion about Dr. Huh’s vision for the SGO and gynecologic oncology as a subspecialty. Initially envisioned as part of Dr. Huh’s Presidential Address for the SGO 2020 Annual Meeting in Toronto, this podcast puts the events of the past year in perspective, while remaining focused on the long-term future of gynecologic oncology.

  1. February 2023 Editor’s Choice: A Geo-Analyzer Tool that assessed insured patients in your metropolitan area with recurrent and metastatic cervix cancer

    Hosted by:
    Wendy R. Brewster, MD, PhD, Deputy Editor of Gynecologic Oncology

    Turgay Ayer, Georgia Institute of Technology
    Tara Castellano, MD, Louisiana State University HSC
    Isabel C. Scarinci, PhD, MPH, University of Alabama at Birmingham

    Editor’s Choice Paper: Cervical cancer geographical burden analyzer: An interactive, open-access tool for understanding geographical disease burden in patients with recurrent or metastatic cervical cancer

    Editorial: Targeting our efforts: the contribution of an open-access tool to assess geographic distribution of recurrent and metastatic cervical cancer

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  2. January 2023 Editor’s Choice: Sentinel lymph node mapping in endometrial complex atypical hyperplasia: good idea or have we gone too far?

    Editor’s Choice Papers: 

    Sentinel lymph node mapping in patients with endometrial hyperplasia: A practice to preserve or abandon?

    Is sentinel lymph node assessment useful in patients with a preoperative diagnosis of endometrial intraepithelial neoplasia?

    Editorial: Routine SLN biopsy for endometrial intraepithelial neoplasia: A pragmatic approach or over-treatment?

    Hosted by:
    Gregg Nelson, MD, PhD, Social Media Editor of Gynecologic Oncology

    Jennifer Mueller MD, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center
    Emad Matanes MD, Rambam Medical Center
    Emma Rossi MD, Duke University Medical Center

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  3. Molecular Testing for Endometrial Cancer: A Society of Gynecologic Oncology Podcast

    Moderator: Kari Hacker, MD, PhD, Gynecologic Oncologist, New York University Langone Health

    Christine Walsh, MD, MS, Gynecologic Oncologist, University of Colorado
    Carolyn McCourt, MD, Gynecologic Oncologist, Washington University School of Medicine

    Kari Hacker, MD, PhD, is joined by Christine Walsh, MD, MS, and Carolyn McCourt, MD, to review basic molecular classification as well as more complex biomarkers in endometrial cancer. They discuss how testing can be utilized to inform patient prognosis and to guide second line systemic treatment decisions. They also highlight several ongoing trials investigating treatment strategies based on molecular features, the results of which will help clinicians make better therapeutic decisions, resulting in better outcomes for patients with endometrial cancer. This podcast was developed by the Society of Gynecologic Oncology for Gynecologic Oncology.

    Additional ResourcesMolecular testing for endometrial cancer: An SGO clinical practice statement

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  4. Burnout and gynecologic oncology - does the problem still exist?

    Hosted by: Gregg Nelson, MD, PhD, Social Media Editor of Gynecologic Oncology

    Gregg Nelson

    Brittany A. Davidson, MD, Duke University
    David M. Kushner, MD, UW School of Medicine and Public Health

    Brittany A. Davidson & David M. Kushner

    Article: SGO and the elephant that is still in the room: Wellness, burnout and gynecologic oncology

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  5. December 2022 Editor’s Choice: Exceptional PARP inhibitor responders: the good and the bad

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